Jiffy seed and plant trays with proper domes

Tray made of opaque plastic for rooting protection and transparent plastic lid for ideal light. Available in various sizes and are reusable. The optimum product for sowing or for thinning/transplanting seedlings.

Jiffy Saat- und Pflanzschalen mit passenden Hauben

The Jiffy germination and planting trays and domes are available in different sizes and can be bought seperately. The sizes range from the small ones, which fit on most of the windowsills, up to the XL ones for balconies or terrraces and the GiantGreenhouse.

They can all be used for growing young plants in combination with most of the Jiffyproducts and they are also very good for thinning and transplanting. Besides this the planting and germination trays and domes have special water channels, which make watering as easy as it can be.

JiffyPlastic Greenhouses

Next to the plantin trays there are also some JiffyPlastic Greenhouses. In these greenhouses the pots for the QSM or other soil are already formed out of opaque plastic, so you don't need to put Jiffypots® or Jiffystrips® in there. Just place some soil and seeds into the JiffyPlastic GH-72 or GH-32 and you can start growing your plants. To reuse the greenhouse you can simply use the JiffyCells-32 or the JiffyCells-72.

The Products

JiffyTray (module a)

seed tray
Art.-No: 110028

(module b)

dome for seed tray-module a
Art.-No: 110029

(module c)

large seed tray
Art.-No: 110041

(module d)

dome for large seed tray-module c
Art.-No: 110042


giant greenhouse
Art.-No: 110090/100

JiffyPlastic GH-72

large greenhouse with 72 pots
Art.-No: 110037

JiffyPlastic GH-32

large greenhouse with 32 pots
Art.-No: 110038

(module e)

Refill for JiffyPlastic GH-72
Art.-No: 110030

(module f)

refill for JiffyPlastic GH-32
Art.-No: 110039